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/// Don't use this version /// . This version has been deprecated and will be remove on 15th of July, please use the newest version 2.0.0. nCoV 2019 API provides information related with the case of pneumonia associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus. The data we provide is collected from World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), China’s National Health Commission, and Chinese website DXY which provides regional case estimates faster than the national level reporting organizations.

Business Information

Business Owner : Nubentos S.L. [hola@nubentos.com]

Technical Owner : Support [support@nubentos.com]


The country query param is not working.
Posted By workplaydev@nubentos.com on 1583375120000
Yes, the country parameter is not working.
Posted By jtidalgo@nubentos.com on 1583406988000
the result is not up-to-date
Posted By clavis@nubentos.com on 1584450498000
not updated
Posted By zacr11@nubentos.com on 1584481782000
result not updated
Posted By ihadaj@nubentos.com on 1584553074000
Would you add Turkey please?
Posted By yigittekin@nubentos.com on 1584872107000
'Global requests no longer possible'
Posted By zacr11@nubentos.com on 1585176057000
you not add saudi arabia to the list ??
Posted By alrmali@nubentos.com on 1589499879000


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