API Description

Status: This document is work in-progress and is being continually updated. Please send comments to support@nubentos.com

This API is for testing and development purpose


This is a OpenAPI definition for a Medical Application. This allow to manage medical records of an Clinic.

All the methods.

POST /doctor Add a new doctor to the clinic 

PUT /doctor Update an existing doctor 

GET /doctor/findByStatus Finds doctors by status 

GET /doctor/findByTags Finds doctors by tags 

GET /doctor/{doctorId} Find doctor by ID 

POST /doctor/{doctorId} Updates a doctor in the clinic with form data 

DELETE /doctor/{doctorId} Deletes a doctor 

POST /doctor/{doctorId}/uploadImage uploads an image 

GET /clinic/inventory Returns doctor inventories by status 

POST /clinic/order Place an order for a doctor 

GET /clinic/order/{orderId} Find purchase order by ID 

DELETE /clinic/order/{orderId} Delete purchase order by ID 

POST /patient Create patient 

POST /patient/createWithArray Creates list of patients with given input array 

POST /patient/createWithList Creates list of patients with given input array 

GET /patient/login Logs patient into the system 

GET /patient/logout Logs out current logged in patient session 

GET /patient/{patientname} Get patient by patient name 

PUT /patient/{patientname} Updated patient 

DELETE /patient/{patientname} Delete patient